Birth of the Soldier

Post written by Milan Vagač (see his work HERE)

I’ve liked the visual character of the movie Heart of a Tower from the very beginning, so when I was asked to cooperate on it, I was really looking forward to it.

My first task was to create the character of the member of the army – the soldier, which is not only a single character but will be the model for the other soldiers and actually the whole army. I was supposed to invent the character that would clearly look like a soldier, but he shouldn’t remind any real, existing army of any country, because this soldier is the member of the army of the fantasy world Yourland. Before the actual work, I made a research of existing uniforms, from historical ones through lot of exotic and unusual ones to the current ones which are still being used.

The uniform which is now part of the final art design is a connection of my inspirations from the exotic and historical patterns and designs, but the actual final design is a new and original uniform specific for the needs of the army of Yourland. The soldier and in fact the whole army in the story is not supposed to be strict or even dangerous. That’s why the color scale I used for the uniform is little bit lightweight and the overall look and expression of the soldier is rather comic and clumsy.

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