Creation of Metal Man

This post has been written by Matej Mazák, who created the art design of Metal Man (

Personally, I was fascinated by Metal Man from the very beginning. I always wanted to create a film villain, so my dream came true.

Metal Man was created step by step by transforming of the sketches, inspirations and visions of the art director Peter Budinský to the form, which best suits the main villain of the story and still maintains the visual concept of the project.

In the beginning of my work, there was a classical automaton, which has shiny and sleek outer form, but underneath it, there is a complicated mechanism made of gear wheels and clockworks. Very important to maintain the visual concept was to create elements of abrasion, welds and rivets, so there are visible ravages of time.

I tried to transform the story behind his character to the sketches and I made really lot of them until I found the best form and the best structures. Then I moved my work to the computer and I’ve started to „build“ Metal Man from the scratch. Every single detail, every texture, screw after the screw, he was born finally.

The most difficult part of it was probably to preserve the visual atmosphere of the whole film and it took some time for me to get into it. But I consider it to be normal as this was the first character for Heart of a Tower I made. So this is the final art design of the main villain – Metal Man.

Finally, I’m satisfied with the result and I’m looking forward creating another one (coming soon).

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