Our Heart in Switzerland

Post written by Eva Pa

In the beginning of September, we took our project Heart of a Tower to a journey to Swiss city Baden, which is a small thermal spa resort next to Zürich. And it wasn’t just an accident.

Baden, photo by Eva Pa

We were invited to come by the International animation film festival Fantoche. This festival was not unknown for us; we’re visiting it almost every year. And so we went there also for it’s 13th edition to present our film Heart of a Tower in the section “Coming soon”.

Visual of Fantoche

We were really looking forward to the presentation, but also to the attractive program of the festival with the focus on Polish animation and mainly to our Swiss friends Frank Braun (by the way, he’s one of the founders of Fantoche and currently the chairman of the board of the festival) and Kristin Irion (co-owner of the graphical studio, that creates the visual of Fantoche). What’s more, there was a premiere of Frank’s new film Islander’s Rest, and his co-director was again Claudius Gentinetta.

Frank Braun and Peter Budinský, photo by Fantoche and Eva Pa

We even managed to become the “highlight” of the program of the day. Erik Van Drunen was the curator of the section “Coming soon”. This was the first time we presented our brand new visuals of characters and backgrounds and also the animation technique on the international stage. We also introduced one of our first merchandising products – the memory game.

The presentation, photo by Fantoche

Curator Erik chose two more projects to the section “Coming soon”. Swiss-French coproduction Young Perez directed by Franck Van Leeuwen and Polish-Spanish coproduction Another Day of Life directed by Raúl de la Fuente and Damian Nenow, both balancing on the boarder of animated documentary. From the rich program of Fantoche, we really enjoyed feature films Long Way North by Rémi Chayé and The magic mountain by Anca Damian. Great surprise was the Swiss selection, not only in the international, but also in the national competition. They’re full of great stories and scripts and strong in their visuals and animation.

From the films Queen Bum, Ivan’s need and Long way North

Now, we’re already back, working on Heart of a Tower and we’re looking forward next edition! Thank you, Fantoche!

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