plutoon on Anifilm and Visegrad Animation Forum!

Post written by Eva Pa and Peter Budinský

First weekend in May, we traveled to visit the biggest animation event in Czech republic – International Film Festival Anifilm, which had again very rich program of animated features, shorts and music videos. We took the opportunity to travel there as a part of the Slovak delegation for Visegrad Animation Forum and we also didn’t miss the opportunity to watch fresh animated features!


Visegrad Animation Forum, film industry and market access platform for film professionals active in animation, has the aim to attract new partners, producers, broadcasters and film distributors, and to assist in finding ways of financing shorts, animated features and TV series. We followed the pitching of animated shorts and TV series as well as very interesting program about distribution of films for kids. And we made some networking too! Hopefully successful one!


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Animfilm competition of feature films for kids was full of great movies and French movie Phantom boy (directed by Jean-Loup Felicioli and Alain Gagnol) was the well-earned winner. It was accompanied by four more films in the competition. Three of them were French, Long way north (directed by Rémi Chayé), April and the Extraordinary World (directed by Christian Desmares and Franck Ekinci) and Adama (directed by Simon Rouby) and one Japanese, which we would like to mention more.

Film Boy and the Beast (Bakemono no Ko in Japanese) directed by Mamoru Hosoda premiered on Toronto International Film Festival. It was a Japan’s second biggest theatrical hit in 2015. The story is based on Japanese culture full of different creatures, as we all have seen in Japanese movies. But it also searches for the meet with the western culture, when a white whale from the novel written by Herman Melville comes alive. The story is about small boy, who enters the world of fantasy and is raised there by the crabby bear warrior. Endless disputes between them are full of funny moments. Technique of the film is hand-drawn animation strongly reminding visual style of well known Japanese studio Ghibli. Film Boy and the Beast is already in the Czech distribution and we hope for the Slovak distribution as well!


We’re looking forward the next edition of this beautiful event!

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